Maggie’s Old Sewing Machines

Maggie’s Old Sewing Machines

Gibbs, formed in to make the first practical single-thread chain-stitch machine for domestic use, as patented by Gibbs in and The actual manufacturing was undertaken by J. Their first office was opened in at Broadway, New York. Prices in England in ranged from 8 pounds to 15 pounds. All machine heads were built in the USA, but handwheels and wheel mountings were made in England by such founders as the Coalbrookdale Co. After the Second World War, manufacture of industrial machines was begun in England. In the “Silent Automatic” was introduced, with an automatic device adapting itself to various thickness of fabric. Between and , the company marketed the “Straw” machine, the “Bag” machine, and the “Handstitch” machines, all for industrial use. In a two-thread “Overlock” machine was introduced, capable of stitches a minute.

Treadle Sewing Machines

Home of the Sewalot Site. By Alex I Askaroff. For antique and vintage sewing machines. Alex I Askaroff. Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide.

Sewing Machine Singer Featherweight – Dating Your Machine – The Singer Treadle Base for Willcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine – Nähmaschinen.

The company had a London office in at 1 Ludgate Hill and this moved to Regent Street in The only major improvement was in when the glass tension discs were replaced with an automatic tension device which ensured the machine could not get out of adjustment. In addition to the domestic hand and treadle machines the company produced a wide range of industrial models. The Company finally closed in Davis Sewing Machine Co. Domestic Sewing Machine Co. Gold Medal Sewing Machine Co.

The Howe Machine Co. National Sewing Machine Co.

Dating Willcox and Gibbs Sewing Machines

Graphical presentation by David Stirling. This survey is only for the “G” frame chain stitch sewing machine, as pictured in the questions below. By collecting data about these machines we hope to learn more about when different changes were made to the design of this sewing machine, and to help date the machines more accurately.

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Shop my new store for This machine is used for patching, machine applique, finishing seams on fabrics that fray easily, and zig-zag free-motion quilting. It is a high-shank model and I use a plastic high-shank darning foot on it that I purchased at my local quilt store. Like my quilting head, it is all-metal inside and out and is as strong as an ox, punching through 5 or 6 layers of denim without a problem. My primary piecing machine is a s National Two Spool , probably one of the most interesting sewing machines ever made.

With this wonderful machine, I can piece for hours without winding a bobbin!

Merrow Sewing Machine Company

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WILLCOX & GIBBS SERIAL NUMBERS, SEWALOT (dating Willcox & Gibbs sewing machines). Laura Lovevintage or antique sewing machines · Adler sewing.

This object record is currently incomplete. Other information may exist in a non-digital form. The Museum continues to update and add new research to collection records. Copyright for the above image is held by MAAS and may be subject to third-party copyright restrictions. This includes artworks, artifacts, images and recordings of people who may have passed away, and other objects which may be culturally sensitive.

Next Continue. The single thread chain stitch machine with double overhead arm, the moving one connected to needle bar and powered by treadle and the drive wheel undertable. Four fold feed mechanism and stitch length indicator on sewing plate. Spool and tension control above low-set operating wheel. Hook is below the sewing plate and moves from piston on the drive wheel and twists each chain stitch. The machine is mounted on wooden table with rectangular cover, cast iron base and treadle plate.

The machine can be detached from the table by a butterfly nut. Summary Object No.

Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine

If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. Gibbs of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Gibbs patented his first practical single thread rotary twisted chain stitch machine for domestic use in Willcox was a forward thinking businessman and was in charge of production He hired the services of the Providence, Rhode Island company of Joseph R.

Brown and Lucian Sharpe, who undertook the manufacturing of the machines.

In , my husband bought me my first treadle sewing machine for a copy of the more common Willcox and Gibbs chainstitcher Often mistaken for toys by the​.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Two Novelty sewing machine ornaments. Vintage Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine hand operated sewing machine, on wooden base, including worn copy of the instruction manual, and some attachments. Ornate Wertheim hand painted and gilt convertable sewing machine inlaid case. Small sewing machine in tin case, Ideal Sewing Company.

An American new century Treadle sewing machine, 78 x 83 x 46 cm. Miniature ‘Peter Pan’ sewing machine.

How to determine the value of your old sewing machine

The treadle sewing machine has a long history. In fact, the treadle sewing machine goes back almost to the beginning of the technology, and its history is the history of the sewing machine itself. A treadle sewing machine is one that is powered mechanically by a foot pedal that is pushed back and forth by the operator’s foot.

Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines. At the age of 64 James married a girl from Augusta County called Margaret Craig. This method is repeated to form.

The Story of the May Sisters. By the late ‘s, virtually all sewing machines had evolved to the same utilitarian design we still see today. While practical, this universal sameness has made us forget the golden age of sewing machines, when every manufacturer had unique designs ofte n featuring elaborate scrollwork frames and beautiful illustrations. Come with me as we turn back the pages of time to an era when sewings machines could cost as much as a year’s wages and were status symbols as important as Rolex watches and smart phones are today.

The sewing machines shown on this page are part of a collection that started with a machine made in by the Jones Sewing Machine Company. To reflect its age, style and personality, it was named “Hilda May. We’ll start with the youngest sister first, then work backward in time. This Morse Apollo Fotomatic V sewing machine is the baby of the May sisters, barely half a century old.

Her retro disco styling makes her one of the most attractive modern machines in the collection. Morse imported machines made in Japan by Toyota and Pine for resale in the US from through the s. One of the frustrating issues with these machines is that there is virtually no information about when any of the models were released so dating them is almost impossible. After failing to find information about this machine under the Morse brand, I got the idea of searching through Toyota’s sewing machine history and struck pay dirt.

On the official Toyota website, they have a picture of this machine with the statement it was made for US resale.

Dating willcox and gibbs sewing machines

My mother bought a Singer Featherweight in the late 40s. Thompson, J. The Eastern Shore Railroad, Dr.

Dating Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machines Main Index The Willcox & Gibbs chain stitch machines are one of the most collected sewing machines of all time.

You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Well it could be worth some money. One of the biggest and oldest names in sewing machine history is Singer. Some popular collectable Singers include Featherweights, the Singer , the Singer 66, the Singer class and Singer violin-shaped machines.

Following World War ll, many Japanese clone sewing machines appeared on the market. Funded by money from the United States, these Singer-clones were very often brightly coloured or ornately decorated. Many major retailers also purchased these sewing machines and put their company name on them. At its peak in and , the New Home factory was producing , sewing machines each year. The company won numerous awards during its period of operation including one for its buttonhole machines in the s, which were capable of making buttonholes in an hour.

Gibbs and James Willcox. The company made treadle and hand-crank models for domestic use, but it was also well-known for the industrial machines it made. This included one machine which was powerful enough to sew together straw for hats.

full size vintage sewing machine

To counter this, the Company approached the Ironbridge Works in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, the premier iron-casting company in the world — it had produced the first cast-iron bridge amongst other pioneering work. The brief was to produce a gantry and wheel so that the treadle head could be operated by hand. The eventual winner was a fairly plain design with just a little embellishment, probably chosen because it did the job and the price would have been reasonable.

It is, of course, one of the earliest forms of Willcox with glass tension and the deep walnut base.

The Internet is awash with links of Willcox & Gibbs machines, including some very dubious dating information. However, this is a rather special machine so let’s​.

I had not either. There is another called a Metropolitan I would love to see as well. I can’t for the life of me find anywhere that sells feet, bobbins or needles. Glad I could help, not a lot of information on this type of machine out there. Going by the pictures, I think mine is older and was made without the oil pump assembly. Not a lot of information on this machine at all! Would it be possible to please post a picture showing the belt that comes down the pillar of the machine? Mine is missing and I want to be sure to replace it with the correct material.

Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch Sewing Machines

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In Memory of Jennifer Hill – Wilcox & Gibbs Industrial Treadle Sewing Machine

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